About Us Basic


Lesotho Volleyball Association was established in 1990 as the only National body with all the legal rights and powers to administer and govern all forms of volleyball activities in the Kingdom of Lesotho.
Lesotho Volleyball Association is mainly to develop and promote volleyball in Lesotho in accordance with the standards set by its Constitution as well as the Constitution of Lesotho of 1993, the Acts of Parliament regulating sport in Lesotho, the Constitutions, the codes of conduct in sports, the rules and regulations issued and published by the Ministry, LSRC, LNOC, CAVB Zone VI, CAVB and FIVB.
Volleyball means a sport played between two or more players of two teams, hitting to each other, over a net, a ball which should not touch the ground (notably Beach volleyball and Park Volleyball), played in all parts of the world at all levels of competition by the male and female player, whether played indoor or outdoor, on a hard, soft, or sandy surface.


“To professional and effectively run and administer all activities of volleyball in the Kingdom of Lesotho through proficient and enhancing methods admissible to the country at large”.


“To be the leading sport association in Lesotho, Africa and the world at large.”